To break human beings living in captivity free and restore them to their true essence according to the way the power that gives life wants them to live, IN FREEDOM. This mission will be accomplished through three primary programs, education, illumination and emancipation. You can learn more about these programs below.


EDUCATION IS THE FIRST KEY FOR SETTING HUMANITY FREE, nothing else and that is where this mission begins. In order for human beings who are living in captivity to be truly FREE WE MUST ALL BE PROPERLY EDUCATED about the Truth of slavery and subjugation. The Truth is the greater majority of humanity live in total ignorance of human slavery and contribute to it every single day and deny it. The Work to bring an end to this diabolic practice begins with education, click the button below to begin.


The Mind is where the greatest effort to enslave begins, and that is where we are also going, to break the chains cast in the heads of all who are living in bondage.. Truth us in order to set any slave free their minds must first be broken free. That work is mostly an inside job and begins in the mind. Those mentally incapacitated we shall find help for, but those capable of studying click the button below to begin your journey to self mastery. 


The Truth is slavery in all its forms is the product of the powers of darkness and those who serve them and part of the work to bring it to an end is to illuminate humanity. Slavery still exists today and is thriving more than ever because of this fact mostly ignored by the masses. The enslavement of humanity is one of the greatest evils of all and the time has come to bring it to an end. ILLUMINATION the greatest healing of all is the power that will make that possible.

The CALL For FREEDOM is Stronger Than Ever: And We Are Here To Answer That Call.

From every mountainside LET FREEDOM RING.

Dr Martin Luther King Jnr 

The only real prison is fear and the only real FREEDOM is freedom from fear.

Aung San Suu

The search for human FREEDOM can never be complete without the FREEDOM of women.

Betty Forde.

The Greatest Quest in Human History is The Quest To Be FREE.

A state that's coded at the very core of nature and those who've embraced this quest are the ones who have suffered the most among all who have walked this planet. Our Mission is to make sure that all the sacrifices that have been made in the name of freedom are not in vain. To achieve that we need your support.

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