Operation Reveille.

Time To Wake Up.




ILLUMINATION is the highest vibrational state of the soul and requires very specific steps to achieve. In this program I offer education to prepare and equip those who choose this path about this journey. It is NOT religious but psycho-spiritual and the highest state of being capable of completely banishing darkness from the mind, body and spirit healing them and breaking them free from all forms of bondage. It is solar in nature and DOES NOT require any form of worship but places people in their own truth and personal power.

ILLUMINATION is the seat of HRU/KRST consciousness the energetic space that enables one to AWAKEN their highest and brightest mental/spiritual potential and eliminates spiritual darkness. This is the state that unifies the mind, body and spirit and connects us with the source of life, our highest truth.

Illuminate and Activate Your "Highest Self."

The True essence of all who are of light is SOLAR and nothing else, not lunar, not candlelight, not flshlights but SOLar, and it is when one activates this SOLar essence programmed within one's own very DNA that it becomes active, until then it remians dormant, like an unplugged light bulb.

THE TRUTH is you are NOT the identity given by society nor your parents but something more and this something more is pure energy (not the flesh) but solar energy very active within you.

To know this solar energy that hidden inside you, there are very specific steps that you must first take, these steps are what we train and guide you through in this program.

Overcome and Break Free from Darkness, the condition that distorts reality and corrupts human nature responsible for all crisis, diseases and disorders.

Darkness represents the absence of light and where it dominates diseases, dysfunctions and disorders rule. Removing this condition from people is the key to a person's greatest growth and healing and thats what this program brings.

The True Mark of Success in Life IS NOT the accumulation of materialism but breaking free from darkness and waking up Your Highest Self, thats what this work is about.

Activating and waking up your solar/highest self and breaking FREE from the control of darkness is the most important achievement in your life no matter what anybody tells you. Truth is IT IS NOT the richest man in town but the one free of darkness whose story is seen as the mark of success in the eyes of the power that creates life. This program offers education to help you achieve this victory over darkness, more important than all the money and fame in the world.

No matter what anybody says anywhere- your greatest accomplishment in life is your Awakening, a condition  that can only become possible by first becoming illuminated. 

No matter what anybody says or teaches anywhere, at the most important hour of your life that hour when you take your last breadth in this plane of existance what will determine your next destination in the afterlife (Yes it exists) IS NOT how rich or famous you were, but how illuminated (or not) your spirit is.

ILLUMINATION is The Way To Your True Freedom, Claim it.

Learn The True way.

Apply the steps.

Become illuminated.


Just as it is the Light (Sun) rising in the morning that causes all of nature (except those who are of the night) to wake up for the day, so does the rising of the same light within that causes one to become spiritually awake. This Awakening is the most important piece of one's existance without which the spirit cannot be permitted to advance or proceed into the afterlife. This vital piece of life mostly ignored across the globe is the most important piece of life even more than riches and holds the key to true freedom.


NOTHING ELSE MATTERS MORE IN LIFE THAN YOUR SOUL AWAKENING, NOTHING! NADA! Not all the money, nor all the fame, not even all the gods in the world combined BUT YOUR AWAKENING, which begins with your illumination just like the way SOLrise/Sunrise awakens the world, the same applies with the soul. Let not the society feeding on you misead you, claim your light today and lets set you free.


“Illumination saved my life!.”

"I live in Jamaica and life here was a constant battle a battle that led me into a very dark place where I was contemplating ending my life, until I was introduced me illumination.

The program trully opened my eyes and allowed me to see my life from a higher perspective where I was able to claim my power and change my life."

- Illuminated Single Mother.


“As a wife,mother and a full time employee my life was hectic, so hectic I crushed and wouldn't have survived were it not for this program." Coming from a christian background I was sceptical at first, but, once I entered the program it captivated me by how profound it was. It forced me to take a deeper look at my faith and now I'm delighted to say I AM WAKE! Yes, finally!

-Illuminated Wife, mother, cyber technician.

“My mind is blown, literally"

“Where do I even begin?"

A friend gave me the Illumination book and it resonated so much with what I already knew so I decided to give the program a try and boy what a journey.
I always thought of myself as a being of light but after this program I know I was lying to myself then, because now what I have become is THE REAL LIGHT BEING fully illuminated and aware of who I really am.

- Illuminated psycholigist.

Through this program we help you wake up using the power of the most powerful light in the world, Source Light aka Sunlight. We discover, activate and recalibrate your mind, body and spirit and rescue it from all dark/false programs within this reality.

  • Gain a true and clear perception of who you are.
  • Gain a true and clear perception of what the world really is.
  • Gain a true and clear perception of  what life really is.
  • Gain a true and clear perception of reality.
  • Gain a true and clear perception of The Truth.

This program is part of Operation Reveille a mission of the lords of light to bring an end to the rule of the powers of darkness and the ignorance they produce to dominate this reality.