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Restore The Truth

Restore The Truth about what we are as a people, who we are as a race, what life is as a reality and who created this all.

Restore The Planet

Restore the planet to her original nature, end the destruction and repair the damages caused.

Restore Humanity

Restore the soul and true nature of humanity, heal all wounds and repair the damages caused.


Offer healing services and programs to help Heal The World and the people who call it home.

Restore Peace

Resolve all conflicts, disputes and disagreements. Repair broken relationships and restore Peace wherever disturbed.

Unify The Globe

Advance the globe towards unity and bridge the divides that has kept the world torn apart against The Creators Will.

"We Are One we are of light live by the light and walk by the light. We serve The Light, operate through the light and bring light wherever we are. Our purpose is to illuminate and shine our light where there is a need. "
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