Operation Exodus

                                                   -To Set Those in Captivity Free-

IT ALL BEGINS WITH THE TRUTH, the truth about the origin of slavery and how it spread to Africa. The first course we are offering at this time is history, covering the true story of slavery and how it spread.  The claim that slavery has always existed among humans is a BIG FAT LIE spread by those who practice it to hide the truth. Slavery was invented by the same people who invented money and brought it to Africa and in this video we share that knowledge to help you understand.

1st Story.

The Invention of Slavery.

This video covers the invention of slavery from the very first recorded evidence of the evil crime and how it was spread to Africa and eventually lead to the colonization of the African continent.

The Rise and Spread of Slavery.

Slavery rose out of the Asiatic regions, mostly south west asia and was spread elsewhere by rulers from that region who wanted to expand their kingdoms mostly through religious conquests. Below are accounts of the two most dominant slave campaigns the TRANS SAHARA SLAVE TRADE and the TRANS ATLANTIC SLAVE TRADE. Before we continue it is very important to note that SLAVERY DID NOT EXIST AMONG AFRICANS as has been falsely claimed, servitude did on a small scale but not large scale slavery, it existed among foreigners who brought it to Africa, first by the Hyksos, then by Persians, Greeks, Romans, Arabs, Portuguese, Spanish, English, French and Americans and still remains today due to continued demand.

The Trans Sahara Slave Trade.

By Muslims.

The Trans Saharan slave trade by muslims remains the worst atrocity of slavery on this planet by far and Dr Azumah a former muslim conducted research on the topic and wrote about it. His discussion in this video illuminates the topic and you can also learn more here Islamic Slave Trade

The Atlantic Slave Trade.

By Christians.

The christian slave trade aka the trans atlantic slave trade was the second largest slave market to rise after the islamic slave market. Though it was on a smaller scale and shorter in length it still caused great devastation to African people and the continent  still felt today. To learn more click this link Atlantic Slave Trade.

Slavery has been legally abolished among most nations but still continues even till today and is thriving more than ever disguised in many forms. The following video highlights that in vivid detail.

To bring an end to this atrocious crime against humanity people need to be freed, history needs to be rewritten, religions need to be reformed, education needs to change and finally people need to be healed. This work has already began, to help us complete our mission support using the button below.