The world isn't black and white and the campaign to turn it into that is an attack against humanity.

This presentation if offered as part of Operation Exodus our campaign to move this world out of darkness into light. This is part of our educational series designed to educate those ready for knowledge about the roots of racism.

The subject of RACISM is deep and very personal to me so I take this very seriously. It is part of my mission to bring this madness to an end and this presentation is part of that work. Now from the top; the racial identity known today was created by Europeans with an agenda during a very dark period of our history that needs to be known and not suppressed. The following lectures illuminates the roots of racism so what must be changed can be changed so we can finally heal watch them all and support our cause.

Africa IS NOT the true name the continent after which it is named and Black  IS NOT the true identity of the people of that continent. The work to end racism begins with understanding that TRUTH. In this video Heru illuminates that fact and proposes a way out of the darkness in which the people of "Africa" have been forced for so long.

The following videos offer knowledge of the origins of modern racial reclassification that needs to be understood in order to address racism effectively. The presenters offer their own personal opinions and understanding but the subject matter is clear, the roots of modern racial reclassification was driven by a very dark racist agenda that must be addressed so the damages it caused can be properly repaired. The following videos offer insight into how the subject of race as it is today came to be and the mentality behind it. The reason behind its development and the effects it produced.  

The current racial classification of the human race is based on false information, a process that was part of the colonization and ensalvement efforts of christians and muslims. That part of history needs to be studied and understood so the harm it caused can be healed. This video presentation highlights that period of history so we can fully understand what will be needed to undo what must be undone so the wounds caused can be effectively healed.

Before the world was violently forced into darkness and then later reorganized, renamed and reclassified to match false beliefs, it had a name very different from what we know today. The events that led to what we have today was initiated by christians and later duplicated by muslims.  To heal from the wounds caused the truth about these events must be known.

This lecture sheds more light on this truth from a christian perspective. Take a moment to watch it so you may understand one of the origins of the mental illness known as racism. This lecture is from a christian perspective and uses christianity as the theme.

There are many reasons why nations go to war the most common throughout history is money. Nearly 4000 years ago in the land we call Egypt today a series of invasions took place that altered the course of human history. This world we live in has a hidden history oppressed because of racism, that history is that the world was once united under the rulers of Ancient Egypt (Will share more in another post). But that part of our history was dismantled because it elevates Africans beyond slavery. The reason why the world is where it is today is because of what happened in Ancient Egypt just over 2000 years ago, to help heal what must watch this video.


We are running  a campaign at this time to end racism, reverse the effects of these attacks and repair the damages caused to humanity due to them. To learn more click the button below.

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