lesson #1

Know The History.

The truth about the origin of slavery and how it spread all over the world is vital for the work required to finally end slavery. The first course we are offering at this time is history, covering the true story of slavery and how it began.  The claim that slavery has always existed among humans is a BIG FAT LIE spread by those who practice it to hide the truth. Slavery was invented by the same people who invented the commercialized society we are in today where it costs more than most people can afford to live. The journey to freedom begins with you discovering THE TRUTH. The following videos present that with facts for you.

The video above covers the invention of slavery from the very first recorded evidence of this evil practice and how it was spread to Africa and the rest of the world.

lesson #2

The Trans Sahara Slave Trade.

The Trans Saharan slave trade by muslims remains the worst atrocity of slavery on this planet by far and Dr Azumah a former muslim conducted research on the topic and wrote about it. His discussion in this video illuminates the topic and you can also learn more here, FULL VIDEO.  


The Trans Atlantic Slave Trade.

The christian slave trade aka the trans atlantic slave trade was the second largest slave market to rise after the islamic slave market. Though it was on a smaller scale and shorter in length it still caused great devastation to African people and the continent  still felt today. To learn more click this link Atlantic Slave Trade.


Modern Day Slavery

Slavery has been legally abolished among most nations but still continues even till today and is thriving more than ever disguised in many forms. Bringing it to an end is the purpose of this campaign and your education is where it begins.


A huge portion of the enslavement process includes spells in the form of words uttered or cast to dehumanize or weaken the targets will to force them to embrace their own slavery.  This video illuminates that process begining with b(lack) people the race most affected by slavery. It initiates the process to begin reaclaiming and restoring the true identity of this race, which is the original race.

"The Time Has Come  To Wake Up."

>>  It all begins with your illumination.

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