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To Defend & Protect

We strongly believe and affirm that LIFE is the greatest gift of all and we see it as our duty to protect and defend it whereever it is threatened throughout this world. Our priorities listed below highlight the most pressing issues we seek to deal with begining with the ones that pose the greatest threat to LIFE at this time.

In a world where money rules alomost EVERYTHING and literally dictates whether a person lives or die, poverty is the greatest danger of all. We seek to produce and implement changes to the economic and financial systems available now to eradicate poverty and the conditions that sustains it.


One of the major issues threatening lives revealed by the current pandemic is how rampant inequality is and its devastation on human lives across the globe. At this time most of the world's worth are in the hands of a few whilst the great majority barely have enough to survive. We intent to bridge this gap by building a system that will even the fields so all may afford to live.


The climate crisis this world is in is a great threat to live on this planet and we are committed to battling the conditions that at this time are contributing to them begining with ridding this world of pollutions and toxins the main contributing factor to this issue.


Terrorism is one of the greatest threats to global peace and as part of our mission we seek to deal with this issus at its very roots; false religious beliefs practiced among all religions. 


Human health especially mental health is of great importance and one of the most important needs of our times. We understand this need and are committed to doing our part in order to move this world from disease ridden to disease free as soon as humanly possible.


The rise of war and conflicts in the 21st century is unacceptable. We recognize the danger of violent conflicts and the importance of PEACE so as part of our mission we stand for PEACE and remain steadfast in supporting the struggle towards delivering lasting PEACE on this planet in this lifetime.

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