The TRUTH is, all sicknesses and diseases are the products of darkness and when we shift this reality from darkness to light, all diseases will end.

When it comes to fighting sicknesses and diseases it is very important to understand that the fight isn’t against just a disease but a lot more, the same goes for all pandemics, epidemics and plagues. The development of sicknesses and diseases have very direct paths that when followed leads to points of origin where most of the time the root cause of the disease lies. It is at this root cause that the key for beating the disease lies no matter what anybody says. The cure for any and all diseases is and has always been at the root causes and nowhere else.

The following information is given with the intention to educate the reader about deadly infectious diseases, their origins and how they’ve affected human lives throughout history to paint a bigger picture of what we are now facing as a global community so we can respond more intelligently by adjusting own lifestyles accordingly. 


The following video is a short presentation that highlights the 20 deadliest pandemics in recent history and shows us how events like the current pandemic have repeated themselves throughout history following very direct paths and trends.

SARS-Covid 19 isn't new and was discovered back in 2003 and since that time has been under studies by the medical industry.


The FACT is knowing what we are facing is key to defeating it and confusion complicates that process so our intention here is to offer information that will eventually help produce a positive outcome out of all this so we can all return to our normal lives. This is particularly for those in denial whose actions and choices at this time presents a clear danger to themselves and those with whom they interact. 

The Truth is there are billions and more disease causing organisms out there actively looking for hosts to infect so it is wise to live in ways that does not allow them to infect us. Claiming that the pandemic is a hoax and disregarding common sense is dangerous behavior with possible deadly consequences. This post is part of our healing campaign to help win this war we are in with knowledge and proper education so we can all finally end this mess.

This presentation shows that we’ve been here before and what we are experiencing now through this pandemic has occurred in the past, so studying them can help us deal with the present. The key here is to help battle the mass misinformation that is being blasted out there leading many into confusion and deal with this pandemic at the roots.

We are currently running a campaign to help end this pandemic by addressing the root cause, to learn more click the button below.

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