THE REALITY is we are in the midst of a very serious psycho-spiritual war and in this war the mind is the first battlefield where the forces behind this war are battling for dominance. These two primary forces are LIGHT (Those who are solar) and DARKNESS (Those who are lunar). All diseases and sicknesses are the products of darkness operating in our environment and the first step towards true healing begins with that understanding.

MENTAL CORRUPTION fueled by toxins is the root cause of all mental illnesses and in all cases of mental illnesses when the source of the corruption is addressed it enables the mind's own internal mechanism to kick in to heal itself. What we offer in this course are simple common sense steps that can be taken by those capable of reasoning to activate the mind's own self defense mechanism (similar to an immune system) to repair and defend itself. 

The mental illness crisis affecting the world right now is much worst than the pandemic and poses greater threat to the world at large hindering the effort to heal this world. It is very very important that all who suffer from any form of mental condition who need healing  take that healing seriously and make the time and effort to heal. This free course is offered as part of our effort to help, grab your pens and note books and lets begin.

If the world is viewed as a ship the scenario will be just like the titanic headed towards a group of icebergs waiting to rip the ship to pieces. What we are witnessing as a pandemic is nothing but the tip of that iceberg. Whatever we are facing The Time To Heal it is now and it all begins with you, if you need healing take it seriously. Take this free course it'll help you.

The course is available on our youtube channel, click the button below to enter the class. 

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